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Specialty cakes        (734) 285-2253

When ordering a specialty cake there are different types of designs, shapes and flavors to consider when placing your order. The following can be used to help guide you through the process. Of course you may always call us at 734-285-2253, where we will be happy to assist you. We cannot take internet orders. Please don't rely on email to get us the information we may need. We ask all orders are made in person, or if the cake is simple enough, we can take phone orders too.

When to order

Due to the detailed decorating of our cakes, and the fact that all cakes are baked fresh to order, there is a maximum amount of orders we can produce in a weekend. It is important to note that all cake orders require a 4-7 day advance notice, sometimes more, especially during the busier peak cake seasons and the holidays. We do try to accomodate last minute orders too, so please call to check for availability. If we can accomodate late orders, there may be a 15% late fee added. Sometimes the weekends fill up fast during the beginning of the week and we find it hard to take more orders. We highly recommend to order as early as possible, as it is first come, first served. We reserve the right to stop taking orders at any time due to high demand! We apologize for this and appreciate your understanding.



 Cake Batters  Fillings  
Standard- vanilla, Fruits and Custards- vanilla cream (custard)
  chocolate,   raspberry, strawberry,
  marble,   lemon, cherry,
   1/2 and 1/2- extra $4.00   chocolate french silk


Mousse- chocolate,vanilla,
  strawberry,   raspberry,strawberry
  lemon, coconut,    
  chocolate chip,    
  chocolate chocolate chip    
Premium- cherry nut, banana nut,carrot,    

white almond, black forest,

   red velvet

                 *All our cakes are iced in our delicious white buttercream. Other icings available at an additional charge.

Cake Shapes

    Sheet cakes and round layer cakes are popular choices for cake shapes. Although there are other shapes available. How about square, heart, oval, petal, or hexagon (6 sided)? Need something for that special occassion and a sheet cake won't suffice? We specialize in stacked cakes, decorated to your specifications.  3-D cakes and specialty shaped cakes are a big favorite. Our shaped cakes are cut and shaped flat on a board to the design requested. Our 3-D cakes are stacked and carved to have that 3 dimensional look to them. Our cake albums have numerous examples of these cakes. Bring your ideas to the table and just see what we can create for you!

Cake Designs

   Cake designs are only limited to your imagination. Design a cake around a theme or any special interests of the guest of honor. We can create cakes for any occasion. Baby shower, bridal shower, birthdays for children and adults, retirements, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, going away parties, graduations, athletic celebrations, school functions and any and all holidays!!!  Explore our cake photo albums for inspiration or we can duplicate any of our designs for you to your specifications. Bring your ideas and we'll be happy to assist in your decision.

Cake Sizes and Servings

  1/4 sheet....serves 16-20                     6" round layer......serves 8-10                 12" round layer....serves 40

  1/2 sheet...serves 35-40                      8" round layer...serves 16-20                  14" round layer....serves 63-70

  Full sheet....serves 65-80                    10" round layer....serves 28-30

Tiered Cakes

Stacked tiered cakes are a great eye catching design. It gives a lot of choices for design and colors. We can top off the cake with an edible cake character made from a jumbo cupcake, or a non-edible topper such as a letter or a number. A "one" looks great on the first birthday cakes, as you will see in many photos. Tiered cakes are custom designed and priced. Please inquire in our shop for additional help.

Two tiered cakes can be picked up by the customer in our shop. The only three tier cake that we allow to be picked up by the customer is a 6"-8"-10". Larger cakes of 70+ servings require our delivery service.

Transporting our cakes

Since it is literally impossible for us to deliver all cakes we make, we only offer cake delivery when the cakes are larger tiers. We dont offer delivery on cakes that we feel can be picked up in our shop and handled correctly by the customer. When we are not delivering your cake to the venue, we cannot take resposibilty for your own delivery. You are 100% responsible for transporting your own cakes. We take great strides to ensure a cake is supported and pegged corectly. We try to inform anyone picking up a cake how to handle it. But, it is ultimately up to the customer to get it home. Please let us know if a cake is traveling far or if you have questions about how to handle it. 

Please watch your stops, starts and turns at all times! What you think is careful isn't necessarily careful for the cake. Also, the cake must travel level. Meaning it cannot sit or move while at an angle. Gravity will take over!!! Even the slightest angle can cause sliding or shifting. Even toppling. We cry when we see cakes come back with transport damage. But the party must go on! We will do what we can to fix the cake for presentation purposes. But to completely redo a smashed cake may not be in the cards. So please, BE CAREFUL!!

You must always transport any cake in a car that is not too hot, has animals present, or little kids' fingers too close (The temptation is too much for them, haha)    Do not leave your cake in the car in the warmer months for any reason, without the A/C on. Even 5 mnutes can be too much. Sugar does not like heat, sun and humidity. Like humans, it droops. If the cake gets warm it can damage the stabilization of the cake itself. Adding vibration and movement in a car can cause major damage.  GO STRAIGHT TO THE VENUE!!! NO STOPPING FOR BALLOONS, ICE CREAM, ETC. Of course tiered or stacked cakes and 3-D cakes, even filled layer cakes are much more delicate than a sheet cake. But all cakes should be treated fairly the same.

Cakes should go directly to the location of the party and can be displayed immediately, if party is only few hours away. Cakes are If the party is for later that night or the next day, please keep cake refridgerated until hours before the party. Tiered cakes require special internal support to hold the weight of the cakes. Also a center dowel is used to stabilize the cake from shifting during transportation. You may find these during the cutting of the cake. It is easy to cut around the center dowel if you need to. Remove each internal supports from the cake before cutting. You will see these as you remove each tier. If forgotten to be offered, Please ask our associates for help on the structure of your particular cake. We want your cake to be the center of attention at your event as much as you do!!!

All these directions may sound like over-kill, but it is imperative to travel with your cake safely! Although its impossible to include all the information on our website about transporting each type of cake, as each cake is unique in itself, all questions are welcome!! We hope we covered the basics of handling/transporting our cakes.

The photo albums on our website are just a small sample of what we can do. Please visit our shop to browse more albums and visit us on Facebook  at Sweet Nothings Fine Cakes and Desserts!

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