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Cake with Colorful Candles on Top


Cake Shows and Competitions We Have Entered

One outlet for the owners and especially our employees to grow as decorators is to enter cake shows and competitions. We have entered many over the years and done very well, to our extreme pleasure. We have traveled all over the United States in the van filled with our cake entries and just enough room for ourselves. These cakes involve hours and hours of work, done over a 2-4 week period, usually finishing in the wee hours before departure. Although they are made using styrofoam instead of real cake (due to transporting), all the decorations are edible and handmade. We really enjoy entering these competitions as the extensive work on them forces us to think "outside the box" and pushes our skill levels. Plus we have fond memories of our journeys, and simply, a lot of fun! I have reserved this page to "show off" our entries and to highlight the wonderful talent these ladies have.

Although we produce buttercream cakes for our customers, these are done in fondant for competing. Due to time constraints and the demand for orders we take on at the shop, it is not possible to duplicate this type of work in our everyday production. But be assured, we put every effort into the details on each order to assure a cake you'll love.

Chef's Challenge

Charity Event 2013

In April, we participated in the charity event "Chef's Challenge" at Boyne Mountain. We won the "Made in Michigan" Cake Challenge with our "Made in Detroit" cake. The Ford truck was cake covered and decorated with fondant. The sidewalls and the wheels were rice Krispy cereal and fondant. The Fargo can be cake and buttercream with hand piped details. All the food and the Meijer bag were cake, Rice Krispy cereal, and fondant. All edible! The crowd can vouch for that as the Fargo can be cut and served, and they were eager to take pieces home with them. The proceeds from the weekend-long event benefited Challenge Mountain charity.

WE WON!!!!!

Atlantic Bakery Expo 2012

Cake Extravaganza

Top honors to Dorey for Best of Show!

  • Dorey won 1st place with her Pegasus creation and took BEST OF SHOW!!!!
  • Fiona won 1st place with her "Singin' in the Rain" tribute.
  • Lisa entered the Student Division with her Duck cake. She didn't place but made a good showing!
  • Shanon won 3rd place with her "Irish- Celtic Wedding Cake" in the Wedding Division.

Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, Oct. 2010

Dorey takes First Place in Sculpted Cakes/Professional Division (right) with her Indian inspired cake.

Fiona doesn't place, but her cake, "Teatime with Mom," was featured in Cake Central Magazine.

Shanon didn't place either but entered a great cake!

And Again!....

Fiona Black: "New Years Resolutions"

Dorey Williams: "Jungle Love"

Jennifer Bono: "Baa-Baa Blacksheep"

Shanon Buckner: "Family Night at the Movies"

Atlantic Bakery Expo, Atlantic City March 2010

Black: Second Place/Sculpted

Williams: First Place/Tiered

Bono: Second Place/Student

Buckner: First Place/Novelty

National Capital Area Cake Show, VA, March 2010

Black: First Place and Best of Division/Professional

Williams: First Place/Professional

Bono: Certificate of Recognition/Beginner

Buckner: First Place and Best of Division/Semi-Professional

Third time's the charm!

RBA Convention, Charlotte, NC
October 2009
Cake Extravaganza Competition

Dorey Williams: 1st Place in Sculpted Race Cars

Fiona Black: 1st Place in Wedding Cakes

Shanon Buckner: 1st Place Novelty Cakes

We each took the "best of the category" in our respective categories.

Cash prize, gold medals and Best of Show plaques were awarded to each of us. Wow!

Wow! We won again!

Three 1st place awards and one 3rd place award to our four decorators at the National Capital Area Cake Show March 21-22, 2009

Top Honor Awards Were:

Peoples Choice (Voted on By the Public) Went to Dorey Williams

Decorators Choice (Voted on By the Decorators) Went to Fiona Black

Dorey Williams "Early Spring Bath" 1st Place and Peoples Choice Award

Shanon Buckner "Lady Traveler" 1st Place

Vicki Patterson "Spring Paisley" 3rd Place

Fiona Black "Ode to the Brady Bunch" 1st Place and Decorator's Choice Award

We made the cakes here and traveled to Virginia (DC area) to enter them. Ribbons and awards were awarded to each of us!

We Won!!!!

Best of Show at the American Bakery Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, September 2008

Shanon Buckner for Beginners Novelty Cakes

Fiona Black for Advanced Novelty Cakes

Dorey Williams for Advanced Tiered (Non-Wedding) Cakes

Cake and Bread Extravaganza competition at the Expo. Cakes were finished here and then delivered to the show. Gold medal, plaque, and a cash prize were awarded for each of us!